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"In this book, vivid experiences come to life, and important life questions are asked and answered with both wisdom and insight."


-Alan D. Castel, Ph.D, Author of "Better With Age: The Psychology of Successful Aging"

Two Perspectives on Navigating Later Life

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From the day we are born, the clock starts ticking on our lives. We jump from event to event, focused on the present but fearful of events later in our lives or the lives of ones we love. As we and our loved ones embark on the next journey in our life, how can we plan ahead to navigate the Golden Years? Does aging condemn us to a boring life? No!

The Golden Journey is a collaborative story from two unlikely friends, Grace Hunt (age 27) and Pierre Thollot (age 87). Working together, these acquaintances, who have now become friends, confidants, coauthors, and chess partners, were able to tie their stories and the stories of those important to them together to build a map for the future. Through dedicated research, these two uncovered activities and advice that are valuable tools to help anyone navigate their Golden Years.

For anyone looking toward retirement and beyond, this is both an enjoyable and informative read. By sharing their stories and the stories of their friends, Grace and Pierre hope to inspire others to truly enjoy their Golden Journey.

Meet the Authors

Pierre Thollot is a retired research engineer which included roles as Chief of the Power Electronics Branch at NASA and Directer of the Electrical Research Division at Sundstrand Corp. His mother and father were born in France, and Switzerland, respectively and emigrated separately to the USA in the mid 1920s. Born in 1933, he served in the Korean War as a military policeman and received his BSEE degree from The City College of New York in 1962. Pierre's career includes 30 years of voluntary service on various Industry and Government committees and professional organizations including the Board of Directors of the Institute of Electric and Electronic Engineers (IEEE). His service and technical contribution to the field of electrical power, (power electronics) earned him the grade of IEEE Life Fellow in 1994. He spent much of his early retirement traveling with his wife and currently resides in Spokane, Washington with his daughter and her family. 


Grace Hunt is a software developer with ActionFlow. She attended Davidson College where she studied Physics and Hispanic Studies. After serving as a research coordinator with a children's home, she returned for her MSEE studying Power Electronics at the Center for Power Electronics (CPES) in Virginia Tech. Grace says she loves nothing more than to seek out the adventure, both mundane and wild, in each person's story. She finds life in walking alongside others through the brightest and darkest times knowing that sharing in others' joy and grief is powerful and restorative. She currently resides in St. Louis, MO with her husband.

Alan, Ph.d - Foreword

Alan Castel is a Professor in the Department of Psychology at the University of California, Los Angeles.  He studies learning, memory, and aging.  He is interested in how younger and older adults can selectively remember important information. He lectures internationally to people of all ages.  His work has been featured in the New York Times and Time Magazine. His new general audience book is entitled Better with Age: The Psychology of Successful Aging.  He received his PhD from the University of Toronto, did a fellowship at Washington University in St. Louis, and has been on faculty at UCLA since 2006.   

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Better with Age

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Two Engineers, 60 Years Apart, Explore Aging Together 
They share their perspectives and provide tips on successful aging in a new book


10 MAY 2021

The friendship between 88-year-old Pierre Thollot and 28-year-old Grace Hunt (née Watt) might seem like an odd one at first. After all, most twentysomethings probably couldn’t be bothered to hang out with a senior citizen who is not their grandparent. But in 2019, Thollot, a retired power electronics engineer, and Hunt, then a graduate student in power electronics engineering at Virginia Tech, formed a bond after they struck up a conversation during an event held at the university....


This podcast is for Christian entrepreneurs and startup leaders who are passionate about having an kingdom impact through business. We explore the connections between modern self-help, leadership, biblical principles, and the life of Jesus. We talk mindset, business, overcoming fear, leadership, habit formation, becoming like Christ and more.


In this bonus episode, I chat with an unlikely pair who teamed up to write a book called The Golden Journey about navigating older age. Grace Hunt is a 27 year old software developer living in St. Louis MO with her husband. Pierre Thollot is an 87 year old retired research engineer living with his family in Spokane, Washington.


Listen in to find out where and how they met, some advice about retirement and why it's important for young people to invest in relationships with our more experienced friends!

Kieran is a Certified Business Coach, husband, foster dad, and the founder of Lenahan Coaching. His vision is to support 10,000 Jesus followers in their pursuit of personal, spiritual, and business excellence by 2030. Support this podcast:

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